Making Family Photos Happen

This family was in the midst of big transitions when they called me. One child was days away from leaving the country for the next few years, one was packing to head back to college and one just walked across the high school graduation stage a few weeks before. They had a lot going on and it was all going on in different directions so Mom knew she needed to grab a quick hour of everyone together to document this time as crazy as it might have felt and as impossible as coordinating schedules seemed.

She wanted tangible proof of everyone at exactly this place, together, as they are, before they go off, grow up and become who they are bound to be. So we spent an afternoon taking photos, re-creating some childhood favorite photos, learning about the ins and outs that make this family and their connection unique. We even ended the day with a silly string battle because...why not?!

Thank you for allowing me to freeze this little moment in your family's history, when everyone was still at home, together before they all went out and did wonderful things!

#family #teen

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