Four Finished!

This family knows what graduation means, they've been through it a few times before. This time was different. This was their last child to graduate high school. This was the last one to move on and get their adult adventure underway and all of the older siblings were coming home to celebrate. This was the perfect time to document a momentous and fleeting family milestone. I'm so glad they invited me to document it in such a fun way.

We played, we laughed, we splashed in a creek barefoot, we chased dogs, we told jokes and stories that made everyone crack up. We got photos of siblings and parents and family all together, all in one place - the home they all shared before going their own ways and that alone is pretty special.

Family photos aren't just for young families with toddlers who are growing like weeds. Guess what, those toddlers keep growing up and every stage deserves to be documented. These "grown-up" kids will treasure the memories and photos of this stage of their lives. Congrats on your fourth and final high school graduation!

#family #teen #couple

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