Hi. I'm Megan.  


I'm sure I'm a lot like you... my life is hectic, awesome, challenging, rewarding, and changing WAY more quickly than I'd like.  In fact, that's the reason I love photography as much as I do. It's the only way to hold onto a moment in time, freeze the tiny little details of our wonderfully crazy life before it changes again.   With two incredibly active little boys and a busy husband,  Gretchen Rubin's line certainly seems true:  "The days are long, but the years are short."


 I would love to be there for you; on the ordinary days and the extraordinary days: the chocolate-covered smiles, the toy-cluttered homes, the warm embraces with family.  I want to help you remember the little moments that fill your everyday life and the big moments that help to define it before these short years rush by. 



A little about me